• Mac or Windows
  • Fences, balcony railings, handrails, banisters..
  • Pickets, rails and fencing may be placed on center or located at a chosen side
  • Textures will align with fence and railing parts
  • Many options for posts, pickets, and handrail profiles, including user defined shapes.
  • Options for handrail returns, extensions, volutes and brackets.
  • Several options for panel clips or stops.

  • Metric or Feet / Inches
  • Option to follow terrain elevation.
  • Over 300 preset styles organized into libraries. Create custom styles and save with images and icons
  • Interactive Menu: icons+images+text
  • All fences or railings can be modeled as 3d, 2d face me or 2d hide lines
  • Automatic quantity take-offs and keeps take-off history log.
  • Single entry macro height adjustment.

This extension is offered as a yearly subscription. An internet connection is required for its use.

Yearly Subscription: