• Create Mouldings, Wood Siding, Stone Masonry, and Metal Siding on building walls
  • Options for wainscot and multiple level cladding
  • Multiple cladding location options: 2 level, 3 level, gables,..
  • Cladding options in include stone, masonry, batten, bevel, plank, shingle, log, dovetail log, half log, corrugated metal, more...
  • 23 scalable stone/masonry patterns
  • 56 example preset styles
  • Sample material textures are included
  • Several moulding options for Base, Chair Rail, Crown, and Gable moulding or use your own profile.
  • Materials can be added during creating the Cladding or added/changed after the creation. Textures are oriented to the cladding elements
  • Choose from many preset styles or create custom user style library
  • Supports all SketchUp units: Metric, Feet/Inches, etc.
  • Menu options supported with both thumbnail and enlarged images.
  • An internet connection is required for using this extension.

This extension is offered as a yearly subscription. An internet connection is required for its use.

Yearly Subscription: